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How To Turn Your Essex Hot Tub Into A Winter Oasis

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

Although homeowners commonly associate hot tubs with warmer months, the truth is that some of the best benefits of your hot tub come during the winter. With this in mind, Reef Spa has provided a list of simple tips to make things more enjoyable during the colder months.

Make sure your hot tub is in ready to go

Cold frosty evenings, starry skies and the winter holidays, plenty of time to enjoy some relaxation in your hot tub. Before you take the plunge, give your tub a quick once-over and make sure it’s ready for use in this winter weather. Check your water levels, temperature settings and water chemistry. Make sure your new filters are in and your spares are dry and ready for use.

Once your hot tub is full, warm and the water chemistry is correct, you are ready for your relaxing evening in your luxurious warm hot tub. It may seem a little daunting venturing outside to get to and from the tub, but with a little preparation you can minimise any discomfort. The benefits of using the hot tub in the depth of winter far out way any of the negatives. Trust us, it’s fun.

Make a space to hold belongings

What are you going to do with your flip flops before you get into the hot tub? Leave them on the wet ground to get cold and damp? What about the towelling robe you wear over your swimsuit? Having a space to put your belongings while you’re in the hot tub, especially one that keeps them safe and dry, is essential for winter hot tub use. Consider using a cool box to store your towel or clothes in while you enjoy your time in the tub. I put a hot water bottle in the bottom of my cooler box, my towel robe is lovely and warm when I need it to get back indoors. Cooler boxes are insulated so they can be used to keep your clothes warm and dry.

Or, if you prefer, leave your coat indoors and do the polar bear run from your back porch to your hot tub! Just make sure you’re not going to slip over on your dash to or from the hot tub. That would be a disaster.

Remember you don’t want to be standing around shivering and dripping in the winter cold. No matter how warm you are in the hot tub, your body temperature drops rapidly once you step out. Use your warm towel robe and slippers to stay comfortable as you walk back indoors.

Keep your head dry

Try and keep your hair dry and maybe even consider wearing a beanie or bobble hat. Remember the winner is the person having the most fun not those who are worried that someone might see them walking in the back garden, on a dark night, in a swimsuit and hat!! The fashion police are off duty in the privacy of your back garden, gazebo or hot tub house.

Staying out in cold weather with wet hair is not a good idea so keep you head above water. Keep your head warm by keeping your hair and face dry. While you’re at it, fill a flask with a warm drink, it’s great to sit in the hot tub and sip a hot chocolate or maybe an Irish coffee during a light snowfall, or on a cold clear starry night. Hot Tubbing is less fun during nights with a high wind chill or driving rain hail or snow. Be flexible and be prepared and ready to take full advantage of those still nights. Try it, I know the idea sounds a little crazy but there is something magical about sitting outside all warm and relaxed counting the shooting stars or watching the clouds pass the full moon. You probably don’t need us to tell you this, but if you wouldn’t want to go out for a walk because the weather is really bad– then it is not a good night to use the hot tub.

With these tips, and a little preparation to make allowances for winter, you can turn your hot tub into a warm winter oasis. The next time the skies are clear and the wind is light or the snow starts to fall, don’t stay in front of the TV, grab a swimsuit, your favourite CD, your towelling robe and go watch the stars or the snow drifting down from the comfort of the warm swirling waters of your hot tub.

For more information about our luxury, Essex hot tubs, visit a Reef Spa showroom today.


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