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Hot Tub Chemicals Q&A

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

When you own and use your Reef hot tub, it is vital to have a regular cleaning regime for a safe and pleasant bathing experience. The basic hot tub chemicals that go into maintaining and balancing your hot tub water are sanitiser, pH adjusters and shock treatments.

With this in mind, Reef Spas have teamed up with Aqua Spa Supplies to help answer your top questions about hot tub chemicals.

What hot tub chemicals do you put in a hot tub to keep the water clean?

Bacteria can multiply rapidly in a hot environment, so you must maintain an appropriate sanitiser level to ensure any bacteria in the water is killed. There are two main sanitisers available to keep your hot tub clean and these are chlorine and bromine.

Chlorine is the most popular choice amongst hot tub users. It’s the most cost effective and fast acting hot tub sanitisers available on the market. Available in both granules or tablets, Chlorine will ensure your spa water remains sparkling clean and safe for use.

How often should you change hot tub water?

To keep your water fresh and clean, you should aim to change your hot tub water every 3 - 4 months. The reason we recommend this is that as your continue to add more chlorine, it will start to dissolve slower and slower until the chlorine doesn't dissolve in your hot tub anymore.

How often should you put chemicals in your hot tub?

If you're new to owning a hot tub, it would also be wise to check your water two to three times per week to see if other levels like pH and total alkalinity get too high or get too low. That's basically it for maintaining quality hot tub water on a daily and weekly basis.

However, that doesn’t mean you need to continually add chemicals. Doing so may increase your risk of Bromine or Chlorine rash. To limit your use of chemicals, you should be cleaning your filters at least once per month and then every six months completely drain your spa and refill it with fresh clean water and replace the filter element.

How often should you shock a hot tub?

It is essential to shock the hot tub frequently – at least once every week. It is important to use Chlorine shocks as well as non-Chlorine shocks. The use of either bromine or Chlorine depends on your personal choice. Shocking the hot tub for cleanliness is not the only reason why you need frequent shocks.

What makes hot tub water cloudy?

One of the most common problems hot tub users will face is cloudy water. When it comes to cloudy water, it's likely one of a few culprits — high pH, high alkalinity, and low sanitizer. Dirty filters, body care products, and old water can also be responsible for cloudy water.

To keep your hot tub clean, Reef Spa recommends investing in a good hot tub chemical regime so you can continue to safely enjoy your spa. If you would like more information about which hot tub chemicals are best for your Reef Spa, get in touch today.


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