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Reef Spas | Tips For Maintaining Your Hot Tub in Autumn

The seasons are changing. As the leaves change colour and the temperature drops it’s a clear sign that autumn is here. That means that you need to look after your Essex hot tub differently. You might not be using it as much as during the hottest part of the year but that doesn’t mean that some maintenance isn’t still required. These are our top tips for Essex hot tub maintenance this autumn.

Keep up with the cleaning

It can be tempting at this time of year to just put the cover on your hot tub and hope for the best until next spring. Not only will this make it difficult if you want to use the hot tub at all during the winter months but you may also find that it’s in a bit of a state next year. Regular cleaning in autumn is particularly important if you want to ensure that your hot tub remains in good shape through to next year.

Do a full hot tub clean. If you want to avoid algae and other similar issues when the spring arrives then a full hot tub clean is essential. This means removing dead leaves and debris and then emptying the hot tub and giving the entire thing a good scrub. Brush the floor and walls, vacuum and make sure you clean the lint and skimmer baskets too.

Focus on the filter. The filter is a tiny, but essential, part of your hot tub as it keeps it clean. So, take this opportunity to give the filter some attention. Give the filter a thorough clean and make sure you clean off any grease or oil that could harden and become tough to remove over the winter. You may also want to run the hot tub filter, both to check that it’s working and to help distribute any chemicals you’ve just added to the water.

Monitor the chemical levels of the hot tub

The pH level in your hot tub is an essential metric to keep an eye on. It should sit somewhere between 7.2 and 7.6 but you may find that this has changed as the hot tub has been in frequent use during the summer months. Make sure that you take steps to correct this if it’s not within range. Another essential chemical to check is the chlorine. Depending on the type of chlorinator you’re using this should be around 2-3 PPM (parts per million). Once you’ve finished checking the chemical levels you might want to add some algaecide to help ensure your Essex hot tub stays algae free over the winter.

Cover the hot tub

When you’ve finished the hot tub maintenance make sure you cover it once again to help avoid filter-clogging debris falling in. A good cover should keep material out and also help you to retain water.

It’s a good idea to carry out regular maintenance on your hot tub throughout the winter, from removing debris to checking the filter and administering a shock treatment to keep the water clean. That way, when the weather warms up again, the Essex hot tub will be clean and ready for use.

If you would like more information about our hot tub chemicals and maintenance, visit our sister company Aqua Spa Supplies, today.


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